Celtic Road Home

Hello there! My name is Ann Doolan-Fox and I am originally from the Irish capital of Dublin. This is my very first book and I hope you get to read it, enjoy it and share it with your Family and Friends. If I can inspire you to take a chance in your Life and jump into the deep end of the pool, then I have achieved my goal…just make sure you are wearing a life jacket so that you won’t drown. Born in London in the early sixties, my parents brought my family back to our native land in 1969, where I grew up until leaving the nest in the summer of 1981. For the next twelve years, I survived all over Europe on my own, working as a nanny and later teaching English as a second language (EFL). It took a lot of guts to keep on keeping on, but my mind was made up as a young girl to go out there and achieve┬áher goal of travelling the globe and communicating in other tongues. I am Proud to be fluent in four of six languages….mainly the Romance ones…English, French, Italian and Spanish and familiar with my Celtic Irish, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese. Today, I am happily married with an amazing hubby, grown son and two kitty cats. My writing goal is to inspire everyone to reach their highest potential …nobody but you can do it so MAKE IT HAPPEN and never take NO for an answer until you get there!


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This is the NEW book from Ann Doolan-Fox. Follow her path to self publishing and complete that book project that is lingering in the back of your mind!